Katherine Cosmetics!

HI Beauties, 

Today I am going to talk about a company that I have been working for this summer called Katherine Cosmetics! I truly love this brand so much and the message it represents. Not only are all the products all natural and cruelty-free but they have beautiful packaging and pigmentation! Some of my favorite items in the collection are as follows: 

Coffee Talk Eyeshadow Palette- https://shop.katherinecosmetics.com/products/natural-eye-shadow-palette

Happy Hour Eyeshadow Palette- https://shop.katherinecosmetics.com/products/natural-eye-shadow-palette

Jacki Lipstick- https://shop.katherinecosmetics.com/products/a-plus-friends-lipstick-collection

Joan Lipstick- https://shop.katherinecosmetics.com/products/a-plus-friends-lipstick-collection

Everyday Mascara- https://shop.katherinecosmetics.com/products/everyday-mascara 

Swing Lipgloss- 

To see more products the brand has and to read more about the brand, check out their social media at @KatherineCosmetics and Katherinecosmetics.com 


Adela Tiffany