13 Products That Will Make You Love Your Skin!

Hey Beauties!

          Today I have a post that will go into some skincare products/products in general that I think you will all love. These products are necessities my skincare routine that I absolutely LOVE. Well let's get into the amazing products!


1. "Aragan Magic Oil"
This product is amazing! You can use it moisturize your skin, smooth your hair, or to just give yourself a little glow! Add a bit of this on your legs when you're about to go out and you will have everyone swooning over your gorgeous supermodel body!

2. Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil is so versatile. My favorite use of this is to put on my eyelashes at night so that they grow long and stay healthy. Using coconut oil is also alot better than using Vaseline because it is natural and it won't hurt your eyes. Another big bonus is that this is a lot less expensive than lash treatments like Revitalash! Another use of this is for your hair!

3. Kate Sommerville "Resurfacing Facial Masks"
This is one of my mom's favorite skin products to use. If you use these masks twice a week you will truly notice a difference in your skin. These reduce the appearance of fine lines and soften your skin. They have lactic acid in them that exfoliates your skin and reduces the appearance of pores.

4. Neutrogena "Oil-Free Acne Wash"
I have gone through at least 4 bottles of this stuff. The perfect thing about this product is that its okay for sensitive skin but it still gets the job done. Because this face wash doesn't foam up it is super gentle on your face. I also love it because its so creamy and easy to wash your face with.

5. The Body Shop "Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask"
Everyone needs a great face mask to rid their skin of impurities that a daily face wash just cannot prevent. This face mask is a great and affordable option that lives up to the hype! It does a great job at detoxifying pores and helps control oily skin.

6. Q-Tips
Do I even need to explain this one? I know this isn't a skin product but it is an essential skin product tool that I would die without. They are perfect for fixing your makeup, touching up nail polish fails, applying products, and any other easy beauty fix.

7. Castelbel "Rose Peony Soap"
Although this might be a weirdly obvious thing to list, soap is soooo important! You need a soap that will moisturize, clean, and leave a lasting smell. I am not a huge fan of bar soap because who wants to deal with the struggle of a slippery bar in the shower, but I simply cannot pass up anything rose scented and this is a great option!

8. Shiseido "Refreshing Sun Protection Spray"
One of the best beauty products in the world is sunscreen, but most people forget to put sunscreen on their hair and scalp. This sunscreen can be used on your body but it can also be applied to your hair so you can make sure you are protected everywhere. It contains UVA and UVB Broad Spectrum Protection and it is also a water-resistant formula that is not sticky.

9. Skin Medica Lytera "Skin Brightening Complex"
This product is great for all skin stypes and is perfect if you love having bright glowy skin. This helps improve your overall skin condition, evens your skin tone, and reduces the appearance of discoloration.

10. Essie "Grow Faster"
Although this isn't a skin care product I think nails are super important to a naturally beautiful look. We have all experienced that awful occurrence when we break our nail and have to wait for it to grow back. This product will make sure that your nails grow faster and it will prevent them from breaking ever again. 

11. First Aid Beauty "Ultra Repair Cream"
This is my favorite face lotion to use before bed and under my makeup. The consistency of this product is so creamy and soft and non-greasy and when you apply it you instantly feel the difference on any dry spots you have. Another plus is that it doesn't have a strong scent, so it's perfect for people with sensitive skin. You can also apply this anywhere on your body so you're not limited to just using it on your face.

12. La Mer Body Cream
This is the perfect body cream that will allow you to see the difference in your skin instantly. Although this body cream is pricey its a great gift to give to your mom or someone who needs a good cream to moisturize their skin.

13. Stri-Vectin TL "Tightening body cream"
This moisturizer tightens and smoothes the skin by using caffeine and peptides. It also firms the skin and strengthens the skin by providing and improving skin elasticity. This product is also paraben-free!

I hope I could help you guys find some new products for your body! Talk to you soon!


Adela Tiffany ♥