3 Perfect Casual Summer Outfits

   It's almost crazy that I didn't notice how close Summer was until I was sitting outside and I realized that it was way too hot to be wearing jeans and a sweater. The thing I love the most about Summer is that you can wear dresses, rompers, shorts, crop tops, tank tops, flip flops, heels, and basically anything you want without anyone saying one word about your outfit being too bright or too revealing because, well... it's Summer! I get out of school in three days and I was going to wait to post this once summer started but I figured I would do this instead of studying for my Chemistry final tomorrow! I made a short little fashion post for you guys on three outfits that my friend Amanda and I will totally be rocking this Summer here in California! I hope you guys like it!

Adela Tiffany♥

Outfit #1: (shorts and tank) 
Top: Abercombie and Fitch
Shorts: Pink Zone
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Olivia Burton
Outfit #2: (romper) 
Romper: Peppermayo
Watch: Nieman Marcus
Shoes: J Crew

Outfit 3: (pants and crop top) 
Top: Nasty Gal
Pants: Anthropology
Necklace: DIY
Sunglasses: Nordstrom