Where do you live? 

I currently live in Los Angeles but I am from San Diego, California. 

How old are you? 

21, March 8, 1998 

What is your ethnicity? 

~75% Italian, ~25% Austrian

Favorite Music? 

Rap, EDM, and Alternative 

My favorites right now are: Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, J. Cole, Future, The Weeknd, Flume, Disclosure, Zhu, and Nothing but Thieves. 

Are in College? 

Yes, I currently go to school at the University of Southern California and I am studying Business Administration with a minor in Economics. 

What is something that is unique about you? 

I have four passports (Italian, Mexican, American, and Canadian)

Do you have any siblings? 

I have one brother who is 22. 

How did you get good at makeup? 

Youtube videos and my mother!!

Hello! My name is Adela and I am a fashion and makeup blogger from San Diego, California. I have a passion for all things classic and vintage couture, my favorite designers are Ellie Saab and Chanel, and my favorite makeup brand is Urban Decay. I love to create timeless looks that combine vintage elements with edgy and modern twists. My favorite everyday makeup look is a smoky winged liner with gold eyeshadow with pink lip gloss.